The tantric worship of Mahaganapati according to the Nityotsava and other texts, 2 parts (bound in one)

Buhnemann, Gudrun

₹ 2400.00

Part I: The worship of Mahaganapati according to the Nityotsava; Part II: The worship of Mahaganapati according to the Prapancasara, The worship of Mahaganapati according to the Srividyarnavatantra The Vallabhesa-Upanisad. This volume documents the worship of Mahaganapati, a ten-armed form of Ganapati / Ganesa with a consort (sakti), according to four Tantric texts. Part I presents the Sanskrit text and an English translation together with commentary on chapter 2 of the Nityotsava, a work written by Jagannatha Pandita in 1745. The author based his work on the Parasuramakalpasutra, an anonymous 16th-or 17th century text probably composed in South India. The Parasuramakalpasutra and the Nityotsava are among the best-known and most respected works of the Srividya school of Hindu Tantra in contemporary India, and studied by many practitioners. Part II of this book focuses on three Tantric texts. The first subsection presents the Sanskrit text and a translation of a section of chapter 17 from the 12th-century Prapancasara. The second subsection provides an analysis and detailed summary of the section on Mahaganapati found in chapter 32 of the Srividyarnavatantra. The last section offer the Sanskrit text and a translation of the Vallabhesa Upanisad, a Tantric Upanisad related to the worship of Mahaganapati, who is referred to by the name Vallabhesa, the Lord of Vallabha (or Siddhalaksmi, the consort of Mahaganapati).

ISBN 13: 9788195764020

ISBN 10: 8195764029

Year: 2023

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: xl+254p., (40)col. & b/w pls., appendices, 16x24cm.

Binding: Hardbound

Subject(s): Religion

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