Bhesajjamanjusa, Paddhati 1-18, Devanagari edition, with a foreword by Dipak Kumar Barua and intro. in English.

Kumar, Bimalendra

₹ 750.00

The Bhesajjamanjusa, composed in Sri Lanka in the thirteenth century is the only known medical work available in Pali. It has drawn from about eighty medical treatises, some of which are Astangahrdaya, Astangasamgraha, Susrutasamhita, Carakasamhita, Siddhasara, Madhavanidana. It contains materials for study of bio-medical ethics, ethno-medicine, ethno-botany, medical anthropology, Pali lexicography and history of traditional medicine in South Asia. It is significant because it is the only treatise of medical terms, revealing deeper understanding of the Indo-Sri Lankan relations regarding medical science. In a comparison of the terminology of Sanskrit and Singhalese medical texts, the main treatise of Pali medicine has the medical terms as generally identical. The present edition makes the Pali text available in Devanagari script for the first time based on an edition of the Roman script, published from Pali Text Society, Oxford. The six Indexes, i.e. samanya suci, of the vanaspati or medical herbs and trees, pasu suci, of the diseases, of the materia medica, of the alphabetical arrangement of words, the Index of the first lines of the gatha-s or verses are appended at the end of the present edition. Bimalendra Kumar started his academic career as a Lecturer in the Department of Indo-Tibetan Studies, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan (W.B.). At present, he is Professor of Pali, Department of Pali & Buddhist Studies, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (U.P.). His publications include over eighty articles in various scholarly journals published from India and abroad. He has edited and authored nine books namely, Theory of Relations in Buddhist Philosophy (1998), Gandhava?sa: A History of Pali Literature (1992), Perspectives of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies (2005), Patthanuddesadipani (2005), Dahtuvamso (2006), Dhammadesana: A Buddhist Perspective (Prof. Mahesh Tiwari Commemoration Volume) (2007) (jointly edited), Buddhism and Social Ideals (2009) (jointly edited) and Meghaduta: Critical Edition with Sanskrit and Tibetan Index (2011) (jointly edited). He is the editor of Dharmadoot Journal (Sarnath) and Co-editor of Mahabodhi Journal (Kolkata), published by Maha-Bodhi Society of India.;

ISBN 13: 9788177421514

ISBN 10: 8177421514

Year: 2015

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: xl+218p., 23cm.

Binding: Hardbound

Subject(s): Buddhism

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