An introduction to Buddhist philosophy in India and Tibet

Ahmad, Zahiruddin

₹ 1800.00

This book is an in-depth study of Buddhist philosophy in India and Tibet. The concentration is on ontology/epistemology and, to a somewhat lesser extent, soteriology. It is based on the writings of the Buddhist philosophers themselves, from the unknown authors of the Pali `Abhidhamma' books down to the present Dalai Lama of Tibet. It takes into consideration the work of many twentieth century scholars of Buddhism in order to bring our knowledge of Buddhist philosophy up-to-date. An exhaustive index (and glossary) has been prepared in order to help the reader with the technical terms of Buddhist philosophy.;;The two parts and fourteen chapters of the book are as follows: Part I (India): Ch.I: The Theravada. Ch.II: The Sarvastivada. Ch.III: The Madhyamaka (1) The Prasangikas Nagarjuna and Candrakirti. Ch.IV: The Madhyamaka (2) The Prasangikas Aryadeva and Santideva. Ch.V: The Madhyamaka (3) The Svatantrikas. Ch.VI: The Yogacara (1) Two Yogacara Sutras and Asanga and Vasubandhu. Ch.VII: The Yogacara (2) Dignaga and Dharmakirti. Ch.VIII: The Yogacara (3) Santarakshita and Kamalasila. Ch.IX: The `Tathagata-garbha'. Part II (Tibet): Ch.X: The Vajrayana, general features. Ch.XI: The Nyingmapa. Ch.XII: The Sakyapa. Ch.XIII: The Kagyupa. Ch.XIV: The Gelugpa.

ISBN 13: 9788177420692

ISBN 10: 8177420690

Year: 2007

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: xii,395p., ind., 29x22cm.

Binding: Hardbound

Subject(s): Buddhism, zzz

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