The prolonged partition and its pogroms: testimonies on violence against Hindus in East Bengal 1946-64, foreword by Koenraad Elst

Kamra, AJ

₹ 300.00

A.J. Karma grew up in Quetta and Karachi, currently in Pakistan, until;Partition in 1947 when his family moved to Delhi. He graduated from Bombay;University and spent most of his life working within the United Nations in;various countries. After retirements, he began to pursue his strong;interest in the history of the Indian Subcontinent. He spent many years;collecting material on the treatment of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh;(till it was part of Pakistan). He visited India frequently and traveled;throughout Bangladesh to further research this topic. He was working on a;manuscript, which forms the basis for this book, when he passed away in 1996. Hindus are not fully aware of their past history when over a period of nearly a thousand years of invasion and rule by the Muslims in India, they suffered the greatest devastation ever recorded in human history. Untold numbers of Hindus were massacred, their womenfolk ravished, their cities destroyed, their temples systematically razed to the ground, their universities and libraries burnt. Millions upon millions of Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam, and many millions of our finest young men and women were carried away and sold in the slave and flesh markets of the then Islamic world. India, fabled for its riches, was plundered time and again. President efforts were made to wipe out completely the Hindu civilization and religion, and to Islamic the whole country. Of this long history of Islamic cruelty against Hindus, this book only describe the suffering, for fifty long years, of the Hindus of East Bengal at the hands of the Muslims, suffering which started in Noakhali in 1946 and continues till today. Scholarly studies on the genocidal waves charaterising the unequal coexistence of Hindus and Muslims in East Bengal are extremely few, as are those on the Partition massacres in Punjab in 1947. The two problems are basically identical, for what happened in West Punjab in a few months, viz. the total cleansing of the Hindus, is merely a quick version of what has been happening in East Bengal in a long-drawn-out fashion, intermittently and in successive waves. The cleansing of the Hindus from East Bengal in phases is a prolonged version of the Partition has envisaged since the beginning by the Pakistani leadership, viz. the creation of a purely Muslim state, carved out of India and at the expense of the Hindus. The Muslim death toll in 20th century South-Asian inter religious violence is much smaller than the Hindu death toll. If we only consider the second half of the 20th century, the Hindu death toll becomes many times higher: at most several tens of thousands of Muslims killed in India (all categories included, even foreign Kashmiri militants), versus at least one and possibly several million of Hindus killed in East Bengal. Also, within the number of Muslim victims, far fewer have been killed by Hindus than by fellow Muslims (hundreds of thousands in the Bangladesh war alone). The death toll in non-Islam-related social and ethnic conflicts in South Asia has likewise been small in comparison with the death toll of the conflicts which Islam has unilaterally imposed on the Subcontinent: the Partition, the wars of 1947-48, 1965, 1971 and 1999, and the ongoing Proxy War.

ISBN 13: 9789385485251

ISBN 10: 9385485253

Year: 2020

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: Reprint: xii+236p., bibl., ind., 23cm.

Binding: Paperback

Subject(s): History, Voice of India

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