Buddhism in Kashmir, foreword by Karan Singh

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Contributions by K.L. Dhammajoti, Hongkong; Lalit Gupta, Jammu; Baidyanath Labh, Jammu; Andrea Loseries, Santiniketan; Victoria Lysenko, Moscow; Gulshan Majeed, Srinagar; Barbara Meisterernst, Berlin; Ajay K. Mishra, New Delhi; Wangchuk Dorjee Negi, Leh (Ladakh); Khampo Phanday, Leh; Riyaz Punjabi, New Delhi; K.T.S. Sarao, Delhi; Nirmala Sharma, New Delhi; Shanker Thapa, Kathmandu; Charles Willemen, Mustafa Khawaja alias M.H. Zaffar, Srinagar; ;Buddhism in Kashmir has the contributions of sixteen professors from India, Hongkong, Moscow, Berlin, Kathmandu and Bangkok. It details the work of Kashmiri masters in the transmission of sutras to China, the legendary visit of Lao-tzu to Kashmir, the role of Kashmiri teachers in Khotan and Tibet, the articulation of Vaibhasika doctrines by Sanghabhadra in a Chinese translation by Xuan-zang, Buddhist terracottas, stupas and monastery in Ambaran (Jammu), deification of the Buddha in the Hindu pantheon, comparison of Naropa's Mahamudra-upadesa and Kashmir Saivism, mind-body problem in Buddhism, Buddhist art and architecture of Kashmir, language of advice in early Chinese Buddhist texts, Kumarajiva's contribution, Buddhism of Kashmir and Tibet, Sunyata in Lal Ded and Nund Rishi, twilight period of Buddhism in Kashmir, Rin.chen.bzan.po's renaissance, Kashmir meditation propagated by Buddhabhadra in fifth century China, Sarvastivada synod in Kashmir; Buddhism and contemporary Kashmiri culture. A basic study of the role of Kashmir in the development and dissemination of Buddhism.;Contents: Samghabhadra, a great Kasmirian master by K.L. Dhammajoti; Buddhist art of Shivaliks: Ambaran the earliest monastery in Jammu by Lalit Gupta; Deification of the Buddha vis-a-vis his inclusion in the Hindu pantheon with special reference to Nilamata-purana and Ksemendra's Dasavatara-carita by Baidyanath Labh; Naropa's Mahamudra Upadesa by Andrea Loseries; Is there a mind-body problem in Buddhism? by Victoria Lysenko; Buddhist art and architecture of Kashmir by Gulshan Majeed; The language of advice in early Buddhist texts by Barbara Meisterernst; Kumarajiva and his contribution to Buddhism in China by Ajay K. Mishra; Buddhism in Kashmir by Wangchuk Dorjee Negi; Buddhism in Kashmir from the Tibetan perspective by Khampo Phanday; Under the shadow of Sakyamuni: Buddhism in Kashmir by Riyaz Punjabi; Some reflections on the twilight period of Buddhism in the Kashmir Valley by K.T.S. Sarao Kashmir and the renaissance of Buddhist art and literature in the tenth century by Nirmala Sharma; Making of the history of Ch'an Buddhism by Shanker Thapa; Remarks about the history of Sarvastivada in Northwestern India by Charles Willemen; Buddhism and contemporary Kashmiri culture by Mustafa Khawaha alias M.H. Zaffar;

ISBN 13: 9788177421194

ISBN 10: 8177421190

Year: 2012

Language: ENGLISH

Pages etc.: 175p., (1)table, (3)col. illus., ind., 29cm.

Binding: Hardbound

Subject(s): Philosophy, Buddhism

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