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Results 201-216 of 216 titles for aditya Prakashan
Transcendental art of Tibet
by Lokesh Chandra
Our Price : RS. 1875.00

Transformation as creation : essays in the history, theory and aesthetics of Indian music, dance and theatre, Vol.1 essays in English
by Lath, Mukund (b.1937)
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Transforming tradition : cultural essays in honour of Mukund Lath
by Horstmann, Monika (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 495.00

Twin mandalas of Vairocana in Japanese iconography, English version from the French by Lokesh Chandra et al
by Tajima, Ryujun
Our Price : RS. 3400.00

Umarakosh, ed. by Lakshmidhar Malaviya
by Malaviya, Lakshmidhar
Our Price : RS. 495.00

Update on the Aryan invasion debate
by Elst, Koenraad (b.1959)
Our Price : RS. 250.00

Urga Kanjur (in Tibetan), 105 vols.(in 104 bindings), ed. by Lokesh Chandra from the collection of Raghu Vira, prefatory matter in English
Our Price : RS. 124900.00

Vedic and IndoEuropean studies
by Kazanas, Nicholas
Our Price : RS. 1250.00

The Vedic Harappans
by Bhagwan Singh
Our Price : RS. 1800.00

Voices from the mountain : the Sailendra inscriptions discovered in Central Java and on the Malay Peninsula, tr. and comm. by Mark E Long
Our Price : RS. 3400.00

Vrttamalastuti of Jnanasrimitra with Sakyaraksita's Vrttamala(stuti)vivrti (critical edn.), ed. by Michael Hahn, rev. by S. S. Bahulkar, Lata Mahesh Deokar & M. A. Deokar
Our Price : RS. 750.00

The wishing tree : presence and promise of India
by Kak, Subhash
Our Price : RS. 495.00

The wishing tree : presence and promise of India
by Kak, Subhash
Our Price : RS. 375.00

Xuan Zhang's mission to the west with Monkey King
by Bhat, Rama B.
Our Price : RS. 2500.00

Yogic secrets of the Vedas : exploring the roots of Yoga and Ayurveda, foreword by David Frawley
by Beal, Yogi Baba Prem Tom
Our Price : RS. 375.00

` Zero' in the Astadhyayi
by Wicher, Irene
Our Price : RS. 120.00

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