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Results 101-120 of 216 titles for aditya Prakashan
Jaina studies : proceedings of the DOT 2010 panel in Marburg, Germany
by Soni, Jayandra (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 875.00

Journal of the Greater India Society, 18 Vols.(1934-59), ed. by U.N. Ghoshal, K.Nagand and N. Dutt, with a preface and index by Lokesh Chandra
Our Price : RS. 2100.00

The journey of the Goddess Durga : India, Java and Bali
by Ariati, Ni Wayan Pasek
Our Price : RS. 3400.00

Kanhadade Prabandha : Padmanabha's epic account of Kanhadade (India's greatest patriotic saga of medieval times)
by Bhatnagar, VS
Our Price : RS. 550.00

Kapphinabhyudaya of Sivasvamin's, ed. by Michael Hahn, with preface in English, Sanskrit text, selected variant readings, index of verses and five appendices
Our Price : RS. 1600.00

Karanda-Vyuha-Sutra or the supernal virtues of Avalokitesvara, Sanskrit text of the metrical version, ed. for the first time from original manuscripts by Lokesh Chandra
Our Price : RS. 1800.00

Karpasa in pre-historic India : a chronological and cultural clue, with an introd. by H.D. Sankalia
by Sethna, KD
Our Price : RS. 400.00

The Kasyapaparivarta, ed. and tr. by Bhikkhu Pasadika
Our Price : RS. 1200.00

Katha-Yoga : yadantah tadupaasitavyam, which is inside, that is to be meditated upon, by Sivananda Murty
Our Price : RS. 180.00

The Kaulajnananirnaya : the esoteric teachings of Matsyendrapada (Matsyendranatha) Sadguru of the Yogini Kaula School in the tantra tradition, ed. and tr. by Satkari Mukhopadhyaya, ..
Our Price : RS. 950.00

Kulachudamani tantra (Sanskrit text), ed. by Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha with an introd. in English by Haya Kumara Maitra, Calcutta, 1941
Our Price : RS. 0.00

Lalitavajra's manual of Buddhist iconography
by Lohia, Sushama
Our Price : RS. 1800.00

The legacy of Muslim rule in India
by Lal, KS
Our Price : RS. 350.00

Life and times of Sawai Jai Singh, 1688-1743
by Bhatnagar, VS
Our Price : RS. 250.00

Life of lord Buddha : compiled by Monk Pao-ch' eng from Chinese sutras and illustrated in woodcuts in the ming period
by Chandra, Lokesh
Our Price : RS. 3600.00

Lokaniti, Devanagari edition and Hindi translation by Ujjwal Kumar
Our Price : RS. 500.00

Lokaniti, Devanagari edition and Hindi translation by Ujjwal Kumar
Our Price : RS. 700.00

Lord Siva and Buddha in the Golden Isles : in search of classical Indonesia
by Chandra, Lokesh
Our Price : RS. 3600.00

The lost city of Dvaraka
by Rao, S.R.
Our Price : RS. 2400.00

Madhva's quotes from the Puranas and the Mahabharata : an analytical compilation of untraceable source-quotations in Madhva's works along with footnotes
by Mesquita, Roque
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

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