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Results 141-160 of 290 titles for Central University of Tibetan Studies
Exploring Tibet's history and culture : proceedings of the international conference held in New Delhi, 2009
by Roy, Pabitrakumar (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 400.00

Exposition of the nine vehicles : according to the Nyingma and Bon traditions (Tibetan)
by Chhosphel, Samten
Our Price : RS. 390.00

Five treatises of Acarya Dipamkarasrijnana (Tibetan, Hindi & Eng.) restored tr. & ed. by Lobsang Dorjee Rabling, supervisor by Ram Shankar Tripathi
Our Price : RS. 340.00

Gandhi ke gramswaraj siddhanta ki pratyaveksha (Akhil Bharatiya Parisamvad Gosthi men pathit nibandhon ka sankalan) (in Hindi, ed. and comp. by Ram Shankar Tripathi et al
Our Price : RS. 200.00

Gitanjali of Kavindra Sriravindranatha Thakura (in Tibetan), with an introd. by Samdhong Rinpoche, tr. into Tibetan and ed. by K. Angrup Lahuli, 2nd revised edition
Our Price : RS. 130.00

Glimpses of the Sanskrit Buddhist literature, Vol.1
by Mishra, Kameshwar Nath (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 160.00

Grangs kyi mngon brjod gsal ba'i sgron me zhes bya bzhugs so
by Be ri dge bshes 'jigs med dbang rgyal
Our Price : RS. 235.00

Gsangs rnying ma dang gyung drung Bon gyi lugs gnyis las byung ba'i theg pa rim pa dgu'i rnam gzhag : Exposition of the nine vehicles, according to the Nyingma and Bon traditions
by Bsam gtan chos `phel
Our Price : RS. 390.00

Guhyadi-Astasiddhisangraha, critically edited the Sanskrit text and Tibetan version edition by Samdhong Rinpoche
Our Price : RS. 90.00

Guhyasamajasadhana-Sutramelapakam of Acarya Nagarjuna : Tibetan text, Sanskrit restoration and Hindi translation, restored and tr. by Gyaltsen Namdol
Our Price : RS. 170.00

Guru Samantabhadra Mukhagama : a teaching on preliminary practice of heart essence of Longchen Rabjam (Hindi), by Za Patual Jigmed Chos Kyi Wangpo, tr. & ed. by Pema Tenzin (Hindi)
Our Price : RS. 460.00

Hevajratantram with Muktavali Panjika of Mahapanditacarya Ratnakarasanti (in Skt.), ed. by Ram Shankar Tripathi et al
Our Price : RS. 250.00

Hevajratantram with yogaratnamalapanjika of Mahapanditacarya Krsnapada, text in Sanskrit with Hindi introduction
by Tripathi, Ram Shankar et al. (eds.)
Our Price : RS. 250.00

Hinduism in contemporary India
by Saran, AK (1922-2003)
Our Price : RS. 240.00

History and palaeography of Kharosti script
by Upasak, CS
Our Price : RS. 130.00

History of Buddhism in Afghanistan
by Upasak, CS
Our Price : RS. 275.00

History of Tibetan translation of Buddhist Tripitaka (Kagyur & Tangyur) (in Tibetan)
by Samten, Jampa
Our Price : RS. 360.00

Illuminating the threefold faith : an invocation of the seventeen great scholarly adepts of glorious Nalanda, composed by H.H. the Dalai Lama, with Sanskrit, Hindi, Chinese and ....
Our Price : RS. 80.00

Illuminations : a school for the regeneration of man's experience, imagination and intellectual integrity a proposal
by Saran, AK
Our Price : RS. 80.00

In search of truth : a collection of articles in honour of the Fifth Samdhong Rinpoche Losang Tenzin on his sixtieth birthday, ed. by S. Rinpoche felicitation volume
Our Price : RS. 375.00

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