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English-Pali Dictionary by RaghuVira, ed. posthumously by Lokesh Chandra


ISBN: 9788193462188

Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi

Pub. Year: 2018

Pages, ills, maps etc.,
viii+472p., 29cm.

RS. 3000.00 Hardcover

Note: Postage will be charged as actual.
Series: Satapitaka Sr.; 656
An English-Pali Dictionary incorporting the word-treasure stored in the canonical and non-canonical Buddhist Literature such as Anguttaranikaya, Atthasalini, Abhidhanappadipika, Itivuttaka, Udana, Kaccayanappakarana, Kathavatthu, Khuddakapatha, Cariyapitaka, Cullaniddesa, Jataka, Theragatha, Theiigatha, Dathavamsa, Dighanikaya, Dipavamsa, Dhammapada, Dhammasangani, Nettipakarana, Pancagatidipana, Patisambhidamagga, Puggalapannatti, Petavatthu, Buddhavamsa, Majjhimanikaya, Mahaniddesa, Mahabodhicamsa, Mahavamsa, Milindapanha, Vinayapitaka, Vibhanga, Vimanavatthu, Visuddhimagga, Samyuttanikaya, Saddhammopayana, Suttanipata, Sumangalavilasini. It includes the English renderings given in the Pali-English dictionaries of T.W. Rhys Davids and William Stede (1921) as well as in the Critical Pali Dictionary begun by Trenckner and edited by Dines Andersen and others. It is the first lexical effort to represent Classical Pali semantics in English word order. The English-Pali dictionaries compiled in SE Asia have neologisms or meanings assigned by popular local usage. The authenticity of meanings in their textual usage is assured herein. It is the first dictionary exclusively based on Pali literature, as interpreted by modern comparative linguistic studies. It will serve worldwide Pali scholarship, besides monastic Pali studies in the Theravada countries of SE Asia.;
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