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Results 861-880 of 3589 titles for new releases
The diverse world of Indian Painting : Vichirta Visva, essays in honour of Vishwa Chandra Ohri
by Bhatia, Usha et al. (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 3600.00

Divine ecstasy : the story of Khajuraho
by Punja, Shobita
Our Price : RS. 295.00

Divine legacy : Dagars and Dhrupad
by Quraishi, Humra
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Divine manifestation : a rediscovery of the lost art of prayer Rama and Susanne Reilly
Our Price : RS. 275.00

The doctrine of vibration : an analysis of the doctrines and practices of Kashmir Saivism
by Dyczkowski, Mark SG (b.1951)
Our Price : RS. 395.00

Domestic herbal remedies
by Gupta, Madhar et al
Our Price : RS. 250.00

Domestic rituals of the Atharvaveda in the Paippalada tradition of Orissa : Sridhara's Vivahadikarmapanjika. Volume I Book One, Part One General prescriptions, ed. with an introd.
Our Price : RS. 800.00

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Buddhist revolution and counter-revolution in ancient India
by Ahir, D.C.
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Drama of prince Arjuna
by Imam, SM
Our Price : RS. 100.00

Dramatic concepts : Greek and Indian; a study of the poetics and the Natyasastra, 3rd impression
by Gupt, Bharat (b.1946)
Our Price : RS. 550.00

Dramatic version of seven major Upanisads : Kena, Isavasya, Prasna, Mundaka, Mandukya, Taittiriya and Katha Upanisads, with original text, transliteration and translation
by Venkataraman, Rama
Our Price : RS. 1100.00

Drang ba dang nges pa'i bstan bcos legs bshad snying po bzhugs so
by Slob dpon dge bshes ye shes thabs mkhas
Our Price : RS. 220.00

Drang ba dang nges pa'i don rnam par 'byed pa'i bstan bcos legs bshad snying po'i zhu sgrig skabs kyi gleng brjod bzhugs so
by Slob dpon dge bshes Ye Shes thab mkhas
Our Price : RS. 280.00

Drapham Dzong : archaeological excavation of a Himalayan fortress in Central Bhutan, research report of Bhutan-Swiss Archaeology Project
by Meyer, Werner
Our Price : RS. 1250.00

Dravidian theories
by Aiyer, R Swaminatha
Our Price : RS. 750.00

Dreams : as foreshadows of the future, mirrored in fantasies of the present, and fixations of the past
by Vanvari, Nandlal
Our Price : RS. 450.00

The drift wood
by Srivastava, Pratima
Our Price : RS. 450.00

Drops of Vedic nectar
by Kumar, Shashiprabha
Our Price : RS. 250.00

Durgasaptasati evam saundaryalahri : ek abhinav anusilan
by Pandeya, Visvamohini
Our Price : RS. 500.00

Durgeshnandini, Vol.1, tr. from the Bengali original by Sunanda Krishnamurty
by Chatterjee, Bankim Chandra
Our Price : RS. 350.00

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