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Results 501-520 of 3589 titles for new releases
Calcutta 1940-1970 : in the photographs of Jayant Patel, concept by Lila Patel, text by Soumitra Das, foreword by Gopalkrishna Gandhi
Our Price : RS. 1495.00

Calcutta in the nineteenth century : an archival exploration
by Chakraborty, Bidisha et al
Our Price : RS. 595.00

Calcutta nights
by Roy, Hemendra Kumar
Our Price : RS. 295.00

The Calcutta Quran petition, comp. with an introd. by Sita Ram Goel, 3rd rev. and enl. edition
Our Price : RS. 300.00

Calendar of Persian correspondence : being letters, referring mainly to affairs in Bengal, which passed between some of the Company's servants and Indian rulers and notables, ....
Our Price : RS. 8730.00

A calendar too crowded
by Chakraborty, Sagarika
Our Price : RS. 295.00

The call of the Upanishads
by Mehta, Rohit
Our Price : RS. 495.00

Cambodian Buddhism : history and practice
by Harris, Ian
Our Price : RS. 1095.00

The campaign in India, foreword by Mushirul Hasan
by Atkinson, GF
Our Price : RS. 1250.00

Candala : untouchability and caste in early India
by Jha, Vivekanand
Our Price : RS. 1125.00

Candi Mendut : womb of the Tathagata
by Long, Mark
Our Price : RS. 2400.00

Candipathah : incorporating Sridurgasaptasati (Devimahatmyam) and the associate Hymns, with text in Devanagari and Roman, tr. and introductory essay by Allahabadia Pran Nath .....
Our Price : RS. 695.00

Candrakirti Trisaranasaptati
by Sorensen, P K
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Capturing the aura : integrating science, technology and metaphysics
by Lindgren, CE
Our Price : RS. 495.00

Caraka-Samhita of Maharsi Agnivesa, Vol.1, (Skt. & Tibetan), Sanskrit text with Tibetan tr., ed. and tr. by Lobasang Tenzin et al
Our Price : RS. 220.00

Caraka-Samhita of Maharsi Agnivesa, Vol.2, (Skt. & Tibetan), Sanskrit text with Tibetan tr., ed. and tr. by Lobasang Tenin et al.
Our Price : RS. 300.00

Care and administration of heritage monuments in India (1784-1904)
by Pant, Dhirendra Kumar
Our Price : RS. 3950.00

Carya Samgrahah : a collection of Caryagiti collected from Nepal by the late Professor Jagannath Upadhyaya, ed. by Bhakti De
Our Price : RS. 180.00

The case of the secretive sister
by Choudhury, Nilanjan P
Our Price : RS. 195.00

Caste and Buddhist philosophy : continuity of some Buddhist arguments against the realist interpretation of social denominations
by Eltschinger, Vincent
Our Price : RS. 650.00

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