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Results 121-140 of 151 titles for Texts: Vedas
A Vedic concordance : being an alphabetic index to every line of every stanza of the published Vedic literature and to the liturgical formulas thereof, that is an index to the vedic.
by Bloomfield, Maurice
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

The Vedic epiphany
by Reddy, Madhusudan V
Our Price : RS. 650.00

Vedic experience : Mantramanjari (an anthology of the Vedas for modern man and contemporary celebration), ed. and tr. with intro. and notes by Raimundo Panikkar
Our Price : RS. 2000.00

Vedic hermeneutics
by Murty, K Satchidananda (b.1924)
Our Price : RS. 350.00

Vedic hymns, tr. by F. Max Muller et al., 2 parts
Our Price : RS. 800.00

Vedic investigations
Our Price : RS. 1000.00

A Vedic life : the practical philosophy of nature, foreword by David Frawley
by Kanwar, Pavan
Our Price : RS. 225.00

Vedic mathematics for all ages : a beginners guide
by Singhal, Vandana
Our Price : RS. 375.00

Vedic metaphysics by Bharati Krsna Tirthaji Maharaja
Our Price : RS. 595.00

Vedic mythology
by Macdonell, AA
Our Price : RS. 295.00

Vedic mythology, 2 vols., tr. from the Original German by Sreeramula Rajeswara Sarma
by Hillebrandt, Alfred
Our Price : RS. 1795.00

Vedic mythology, by A.A. Macdonell
Our Price : RS. 495.00

Vedic physics : towards unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity, foreword by Murli Manohar Joshi, introd. by S.N. Bhavsar, script assented by P.S. Rathor
by Verma, Keshav Dev
Our Price : RS. 995.00

Vedic religion and culture : an exposition of distinct facets, 3rd impression
by Bhargava, PL (1909-2002)
Our Price : RS. 150.00

The Vedic sacrifice in transition : a translation and study of the Trikandamandana of Bhaskara Misra, 1st ed.
by Smith, Frederick M.
Our Price : RS. 500.00

Vedic sacrifices : early nature (some problems and discussions), 2 vols.
by Dange, Sadashiv Ambadas
Our Price : RS. 1250.00

Vedic studies : language, texts, culture and philosophy, Proceedings of the 15th World Sanskrit Conference, Vol. 1 Veda section, General ed. & foreword by Radhavallabh Tripathi
by Hock, Hans Henrich (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Vedic texts : a revision, ed. by T.N. Dharmadhikari et al., foreword by R.N. Dandekar
Our Price : RS. 200.00

Vedic variants : a study of the variant readings in the repeated mantras of the Veda, 3 vols
by Bloomfield, Maurice et al.
Our Price : RS. 2500.00

Vedic view of the earth : a geological insight into the Vedas
by Murthy, S.R.N.
Our Price : RS. 700.00

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