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Results 1-20 of 23 titles for Literature: Other Indian Languages
Amitacakarar iyarriya Yapparunkalakkarikai, Kunacakarar iyarriya uraiyutan, The verses on the precious jewel prosody composed by Amitacakarar with the commentary by Kunacakarar,...
Our Price : RS. 630.00

Between preservation and recreation : Tamil traditions of commentary, proceedings of a workshop in honour of T.V. Gopal Iyer,
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Bhartrihari's Satakatrayam, with the oldest commentary of Jain scholar Dhanasaragani with principle variants from many manuscripts, etc., Poona, 1959
by Kosambi, DD (1907-66)
Our Price : RS. 395.00

The Calf became an orphan : a study in contemporary Kannada fiction
by Zydenbos, Robert J
Our Price : RS. 350.00

Chants a Kali de Ramprasad, introduction, traduction et notes par Michele Lupsa
Our Price : RS. 350.00

A comparative gammar of modern Aryan languages of India, with Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Bengali, 3 parts (bound in one)
by Beames, John
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Construction of an identity discourse : Oriya literature and the Jagannath cult (1866-1936)
by Behera, Subhakanta
Our Price : RS. 550.00

A critical edition and an annotated translation of the Akananuru (Part 1 - Kalirriyanainirai), 3 vols. by Eva Wilden (Tamil, English)
by Wilden, Eva
Our Price : RS. 3000.00

The eight Nayikas
by Coomaraswamy, Ananda Kentish (1877-1947)
Our Price : RS. 500.00

Hir varis sah : poeme Panjabi du XVIIIe siecle, introduction, transliteration, traduction et commentaire par Denis Matringe, Vol.1 Strophes 1 a 110
Our Price : RS. 400.00

The Kadambarinataka of Narasimha : a dramatic version of Bana's classic Kadambari, tr. into English with a critical introd. by Hideaki Sato
Our Price : RS. 600.00

The Krsnagiti of Manaveda, ed. and tr. by C.R. Swaminathan et al
Our Price : RS. 650.00

L'arbre nagalinga. Nouvelles d'lnde du Sud. Choisies et traduites du tamoul par F. Gros et Kannan M.; avant propos et postface de. F. Gros, Editions de l'Aube (in French)
Our Price : RS. 690.00

Le Paripatal, texte tamoul, introduction, traduction et notes par Francois Gros (in Tamil and French)
Our Price : RS. 460.00

Le vagabond et son ombre, G. Nagarajan, Romans et recits tamouls, presentes et traduits par Francois Gros, avec le concours d' Elisabeth Sethupathy, English intro. by Kannan M....
Our Price : RS. 650.00

Les Duha de Dhola-Maru : Une ancienne ballade du Rajasthan; Avec introcution, traduction et notes par Charlotte Vaudeville, (in French and Old Marvari).
Our Price : RS. 290.00

The Maranakapporul and the Tiruppatikkovai of Tirukkurukaipperumal Kavirayar : a treatise on Tamil poetics, illustrated with a narrative poem, ed. with elaborate notes in Tamil by......
Our Price : RS. 600.00

Meghaduta of Kalidasa, ed. from manuscripts with the commentary of Vallabhadeva and provided with a complete Sanskrit-English vocabulary by E. Hultzsch, with a foreword by........
Our Price : RS. 200.00

The Samdesarasaka of Abdul Rahman, tr. by C.M. Mayrhofer
Our Price : RS. 400.00

Sanskrit drama in performance; 1st Indian edition
by Baumer, Rachel Van et al. (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 395.00

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