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Results 41-55 of 55 titles for Buddhism: Art
Life of Buddha in Indian sculpture (Asta-Maha-Pratiharya), 2nd enlarged ed.
by Parimoo, Ratan
Our Price : RS. 2250.00

A ninth century scroll of the Vajradhatu Mandala
by Lokesh Chandra
Our Price : RS. 2500.00

Nispanna-yogavali : Sanskrit and Tibetan texts with English translation
by Chandra, Lokesh et al
Our Price : RS. 3600.00

Rani ki Vav : the abode of Bodhisattvas and Dakinis
by Rao, Rekha
Our Price : RS. 2250.00

Religious and cultural impact of India on Dunhuang caves of China : a comparative and critical study
by Talim, Meena
Our Price : RS. 750.00

Sakyamuni's return journey to Lumbini (lumbiniyatra) : a study of a popular theme in Newar Buddhist art and literature
by Buhnemann, Gudrun
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Science and golden ratios in mandala architecture
by Rao, Rekha
Our Price : RS. 900.00

Sculptures of Lonad cave and Pandava Leni (identification and interpretation)
by Talim, Meena
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Seeing into stone : pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskar's early inhabitants, with DVD
by Linrothe, Rob
Our Price : RS. 3600.00

Stupa : cult and symbolism, contributions by Gustav Roth, Franz-Karl Ehrhard, Kimiaki Tanaka, Lokesh Chandra, foreword by Lokesh Chandra
Our Price : RS. 2500.00

Temple architecture and imagery of South and Southeast Asia : Prasadanidhi papers presented to Professor M.A. Dhaky, ed. by Parul Pandya Dhar & Gerd J.R. Mevissen, foreword by...
Our Price : RS. 6000.00

The timeless art of Ajanta
by Satyawadi, Sudha
Our Price : RS. 3900.00

Twin mandalas of Vairocana in Japanese iconography, English version from the French by Lokesh Chandra et al
by Tajima, Ryujun
Our Price : RS. 3400.00

Vajrayana images of the Bao-xiang Lou (Pao-hsiang Lou), 3 vols.
by Bunce, Fredrick W.
Our Price : RS. 14000.00

Visible heritage : essays on the art and architecture of Greater Ladakh, ed. by Rob Linrothe and Heinrich Poll
Our Price : RS. 3900.00

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