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Results 181-193 of 193 titles for Archaeology: General Works
Temples of India, 2 Vols
by Krishna Deva (b.1914)
Our Price : RS. 7500.00

Testing ancient Indian traditions : on the touchstone of archaeology
by Lal, B.B.
Our Price : RS. 450.00

Theoretical issues in Indian archaeology
by Chakrabarti, Dilip K
Our Price : RS. 300.00

The tradition of masks in Indian culture : an anthropological study of Majuli, Assam
by Zaman, Arifur
Our Price : RS. 1450.00

Traditional knowledge systems and archaeology : with special reference to Uttarakhand
by Agrawal, DP et al. (ed.)
Our Price : RS. 1250.00

Underwater archaeology of Dwarka and Somnath (1997-2002)
by Gaur, A.S. (b.1965) et al.
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Vakatakas : sources and history
by Shastri, Ajay Mitra
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Valabhi temples in North India
by Tewari, Rakesh
Our Price : RS. 1800.00

Varanasi and Ganga : geomorphological and archaeological investigations at Ramnagar
by Jayaswal, Vidula, et al.
Our Price : RS. 3600.00

Varanasi : myths and scientific studies proceedings of an interdisciplinary workshop
by Jayaswal, Vidula (ed)
Our Price : RS. 1500.00

Voices from the mountain : the Sailendra inscriptions discovered in Central Java and on the Malay Peninsula, tr. and comm. by Mark E Long
Our Price : RS. 3400.00

Walking with Siva : cognitive roots of Indian art, archaeology and religion, 2 vols. with reference to Tala and Daksina Kosala
by Chakravarty, Kalyan Kumar
Our Price : RS. 7800.00

Water conduits in the Kathmandu valley, 2 vols
by Bocker-Ritterspach, Raimund OA (b.1942)
Our Price : RS. 2500.00

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