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A stairway taken by the Lucid: Tsong kha pa's study of noble beings, intro. and tr. by James B. Apple


ISBN: 9788177421316

Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi

Pub. Year: 2013

Pages, ills, maps etc.,
222p., abb., bibl., ind., 24cm.

RS. 1500.00 Hardcover

Note: Postage will be charged as actual.
Series: Satapitaka Series; 643
The book presents for the first time an annotated English translation accompanied with a Tibetan critical edition of Tsong kha pa's commentary on the different types of Noble Beings (Skt. arya, Tib.'phags pa) that progress toward awakening. In this edition and translation of his blo-gsal bgrod-pa'i them-skas, Tsong kha pa (1357-1419), revered as one of the foremost masters in the history of Tibetan Buddhism, provides a detailed exegesis of the characteristics and attainments that Noble Beings acquire in advancing toward nirvana through multiple lifetimes in varying cosmological realms. Noble Beings are individuals with in the Buddhist spiritual community (samgha) who become constituted by moral virtue, mental quiescence, and cognitive insight through embodying the Buddha's teaching on the way to nirvana Tsong kha pa details the location and number of lives remaining until nirvana for Noble Beings based on his meticulous analysis of classical Indian Buddhist works like Vasubandhu's Abhidharmakosa and Asanga's Abhidharmasamuccaya. His analysis outlines the qualities and features of Noble Beings such as the Stream-enterer (srota-apanna, rgyun du zhugs pa)
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