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Mahapratisara-Mahavidyarajni: the great amulet, great queen of spells, intro., critical editions and annotated tr., by Gergely Hidas


ISBN: 9788177421149

Aditya Prakashan, New Delhi

Pub. Year: 2012

Pages, ills, maps etc.,
289p., ind., bibl., app., 29cm.

RS. 3600.00 Hardcover

Note: Postage will be charged as actual.
Series: Satapitaka Series: Indo-Asian Literatures vol; 636
This volume provides the first critical edition and complete Western translation of an influential apotropaic scripture of Mahayana Vajrayana Buddhism, The Great Amulet, Great Queen of Spells (Mahapratisara-Mahavidya -rajni). This piece of the dharani literature from around the middle of the first millennium became a member of the popular Pancaraksa collection and has remained in use in Nepal up to the present time.;After an introduction, editions of the five Gilgit fragments (ca. 7th c.) and fifteen selected Eastern Indian and Nepalese manuscripts (11th-19th c.) are given, followed by an annotated translation.;The present study offers a detailed treatment of a scripture rather neglected by scholarship and attempts to throw light on the characteristics and use of this talismanic text of the Kriya-tantra ;in South Asian Buddhism and beyond.;Gergely Hidas holds a doctorate in Classical Indian Religion from the University of Oxford. He is currently a research fellow at the Department of Indo-European Studies, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest.;CONTENTS: 1 Previous Research; 2 Sources; 2.1 Sanskrit; 2.2 Chinese; 2.3 Tibetan; 2.4 Uigurian; 2.5 Mongolian; 2.6 Citations and Commentaries; 2.7 Auxiliary Texts; 3 Structure; 4 Contents; 5 Contexts; 6 Practice; 6.1 The First Dharani; 6.2 The Second Dharani; 6.3 The Mantras; 6.4 Further Types of Use; 6.5 Users; 6.6 Conclusion; 7 A Critical Edition of the Gilgit Fragments; 7.1 The Five Manuscripts; 7.2 Manuscript Affinities; Policy; 7.4 Orthography, Language and Grammar; 7.4.1 Normalised Orthographical Peculiarities; 7.4.2 Preserved Orthographical Peculiarities; 7.4.3 Common Grammatical Peculiarities; 7.4.4 Sandhi; 7.4.5 Punctuation; 7.4.6 Lacun?; 7.4.7 Metre; 7.4.8 Miscellaneous; 7.5 The Apparatus; 8 The Text Preserved in the Gilgit Fragments; 9 A Critical Edition of Selected Eastern Indian and Nepalese Mss; 9.1 Manuscript Selection; 9.2 The Fifteen Manuscripts; 9.3 Manuscript Affinities; 9.4 Transmission; 9.5 Editorial Policy; 9.6 Orthography, Language and Grammar; 9.6.1 Normalised Orthographical Peculiarities; 9.6.2 Preserved Orthographical Peculiarities; 9.6.3 Preserved Morphological Peculiarities; 9.6.4 Common Grammatical Peculiarities; 9.6.5 Sandhi; 9.6.6 Punctuation; 9.6.7 Metre; 9.7 The Apparatus; 10 The Textual Traditions Preserved in the Selected Eastern Indian and Nepalese Manuscripts; 11 An Annotated Translation; Abbreviations and Symbols; Bibliography; Index;
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