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India and South-East Asia

Chandra, Lokesh

271p., (8)p. of col. pls., (26)b&w illus., (1)line drawing, (1)map, ind., 29cm.

Indianization of scientific terms: writings and notes of the late Prof. RaghuVira, ed. posthumously by his son Lokesh Chandra

390p., ind., 29cm.

Haribhatta's Jatakamala, critically ed. from the manuscripts with the help of earlier work by Michael Hahn, by Martin Straube

635p., appendices, bib., 23cm.

Ravigupta's Aryakosa: a contribution to the early History of Indian Niti literature

Hahn, Michael

x+299p., glossaries, appendices, bib., 25cm.

Genetics and the Aryan debate: "Early Indians" Tony Joseph's latest assault, preface by Koenraad Elst

Talageri, Shrikant G.

xxxii+188p., bib., indices, 23cm.

Roma and the steel route

Chandra, Lokesh

162p., (29)b/w pls., ind., 29cm.

Morning calm and the pensive beyond: cultural interflow between India and Korea

Chandra, Lokesh

258p., (10)b/w illus., (108)col. pls., ind., 29cm.

The clear realisation of the quintessential instructions on all dharma practices

Bajetta, Nicola

345p., appendices, ind., 25cm.

Hindu temples: what happened to them, Vol.2: The Islamic evidence, 2nd enl. ed

Goel, Sita Ram (1921-2003)

Reprint of 1991: vi,440p., (16)b&w pls., bibl., ind., 21cm.

Tibetan-Russian-English dictionary, 2 volumes, with Sanskrit parallels, by Y.N. Roerich

First Published, 1986: Reprint: xxii+iv+1676p., 29cm.

Temple design in six early Saiva scriptures, critical ed. and tr. of the prasadalaksana-portions of the Brhatkalottara, Devyamata, Kirana, Mohacurottara, Mayasamgraha & Pingalamata

Mills, Libbie

665p., (89)figs., (17)col., pls., (11)tabs. gloss., bib., 25cm.

English-Pali Dictionary by RaghuVira, ed. posthumously by Lokesh Chandra

viii+472p., 29cm.

The Vaiyakaranasiddhantabhusana of Kaundabhatta, Part II, with the Niranjani comm. by Ramyatna Shukla and Prakasa explanatory notes and critically ed. by K.V. Ramakrishnamacharyulu

xxviii+598p., 25cm.

Seeing into stone: pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskar's early inhabitants, with DVD

Linrothe, Rob

xx+218p., full of col. illus., 24x30cm.